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News and Articles
GILE exhibition 2019
News from the Chinese lighting industry
A reportage from the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition 2019

This article is a preview of the upcoming report “The Lighting Fixtures Market in China” and “The World Market for Outdoor Lighting” (October 2019).

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The World Trade of Lighting Fixtures for Interlight
Presentation for Interlight Moscow 2018

The presentation offers an overview of the long run evolution of the global trade of lighting fixtures and lamps, with a special focus on Russia.

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Connected lighting
The LED lighting market in 2018…What’s next?
Presentation for Interlight Moscow 2018

The presentation examines the evolution and projections of the LED lighting fixtures market and the new technologies and applications that are expected to drive the lighting industries in the coming years.

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Scrovegni Chapel illuminated by iGuzzini
Lighting Market for Art & Museum Applications
Article published by Lighting India

The niche of lighting solutions for "Art & Museum" represents a relatively small piece of the global luminaire market, but a very prestigious one. In this article, published on the magazine Lighting India, the director of CSIL Aurelio Volpe offers an insight of the most dynamic areas, the most innovative products and the top players active in this segment of the lighting market.

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Recent trends in the U.S. lighting fixtures business
During 2017, production growth softened to a level of 2.1%

Import substitution. The softness of the internal market. Searching for the next disrupting technology. These are the key trends identified in the XII edition of the CSIL report 'The Lighting Fixtures Market in the United States'.

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