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News and Articles
MENA Region: Macroeconomic positioning by the size of the country’s population
The Lighting Fixtures Market in the Middle East and North Africa
Positive expectations for the lighting fixtures market in the MENA area

The lighting fixtures market in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is currently estimated by CSIL worth US$ 3.1 billion, with positive expectations for 2018 and 2019. The retail channel is progressively expanding. Huge opportunities for lighting distribution come from the e-commerce channel

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World Trade of Lighting Fixtures
Imports and exports of lighting fixtures: focus on 70 countries

The overall trend of the last five years remains strongly positive. In 2016, the major exporters were China, Germany, Mexico (overtaking the US), the United States, and Italy. Together they account for approximately 72% of the world exports of lighting fixtures

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LED Lighting Industry Growth and OLED perspectives
LED Lighting. What's next?
LED industry evolves and the business model changes quickly

According to 2017 CSIL report “LEDs and the worldwide market for lighting fixtures”, nowadays most of the world lighting fixtures market is LED based. LED growing fast in the US; relevant LED price reduction in China. OLED or not OLED?

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CSIL Article | The world market for decorative lighting
The world market for decorative lighting
Article published by Lighting India

The article provides an in-depth analysis of the decorative lighting market worldwide. It was written by CSIL expert Aurelio Volpe for the leading specialize magazine Lighting India.

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Download the press release of the report "World trade of lighting fixtures"
The world trade of lighting fixtures in 2017
Press Release

The press release contains the main findings of the new CSIL's report: "World trade of lighting fixtures", now at its XXII edition

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