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The European market for lighting controls and the Internet of Things
In 2016, the market for lighting controls and the related IoT has reached a value of EUR 800 million in Europe

The possibility to control multiple lighting sources from a single device allows to create different lighting landscape and to reduce energy consumption. In Europe, this business now weights around 3% of the lighting fixtures market.

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Financial analysis of lighting manufacturers worldwide
Between 2011-15, revenues and margins improved. Profitability remained stable at relatively high levels

CSIL processed the balance sheets of over 700 medium and large lighting companies for the period 2011-15, including lighting fixtures, lighting companies and automotive manufacturers, aiming at assessing the “state of health” of the industry.

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E-commerce for the lighting fixtures industry
Facts and figure around the growing market of online sales of lighting fixtures

The E-commerce market for lighting fixtures has doubled over the last five years. The penetration level is higher in the USA (7%), followed by China (6.7%) and Europe (4%). Wholesalers achieved the highest revenues from the business, but the fastest growth was registered by E-tailers.

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Architects and designers for the contract lighting market
A review of the top 100 architectural offices and the top 100 lighting designer firms specialized in the lighting field

According to CSIL estimates, the Project business has reached a share comprises between 14% and 18% of the lighting market in Europe, USA, and Asia Pacific. Lighting designers and architectural companies are key influencers in it. Among the top players, Arup won the “Lighting Design Practice of the Year” in 2016.

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When furniture lights up
Embedded lighting applications in furniture (especially kitchens) are becoming more and more common

According to a survey conducted on a sample of specialized furniture retailers, in a few years a number comprises between 20% and 30% of furniture will include lighting elements. For now, the use of lighting is limited to the upper segment for home furniture, while it extends to mid-lower ends for kitchens.

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