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The world market for outdoor lighting fixtures
October 2016, IV Edition, 160 pages

This study provides a full analysis of the outdoor lighting fixtures market worldwide, sales data and market shares of the top manufacturers. “Worldwide market” is considered such as the aggregate of 66 monitored countries, selected by CSIL on the basis of size of the economy, importance of the lighting fixtures sector and contribution to World trade of lighting fixtures, plus an approximation of the market value in the Other countries. Market size, sales data and market shares provided for each Regional cluster and for each outdoor lighting segment considered

The Italian market for outdoor lighting
September 2015, I Edition, 24 pages

The first edition of the report “The Italian market for outdoor lighting” offers a comprehensive analysis of the market for outdoor lighting fixtures in Italy, providing figures on market size and activity trend 2008-2014 and forecasts 2015-2016. Market segments analyzed: residential outdoor lighting (home gardens and architectural lighting for common spaces in residential buildings), urban landscape lighting (city beautification, mostly architectural outdoor lighting), streets lighting, lighting for tunnels and galleries, area lighting (outdoor lighting for sports facilities, car parks, squares, open spaces), Christmas and Events lighting

The European market for outdoor lighting
December 2014, I Edition, 84 pages

The first edition of the CSIL report "The European market for outdoor lighting fixtures" has been produced using the following information sources:processing of CSIL information concerning the lighting sector at the European level; database of roughly 200 worldwide manufacturers operating in the European lighting industry; statistical and international trade data; overall documentation relating to the lighting industry available both online and offline.

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